Aadhaar UID Self Seeding with Voter card EPIC ID now Online

Aadhaar Seeding with Voter card now at CeoAndhra and CeoTelangana websites...
Aadhaar Seeding The Election Commission of in India is starts new program of Aadhaar UID Self Seeding with Voter card EPIC ID to weed out the fraudulent Voter Card holders from the existing Electors data. Now electors can link their Aadhaar number with the electoral rolls by any one of the following:

Online OTP
Voters can link the Voter Card number with AADHAAR number using the online portal through the OTP (onetime password) received on the given mobile number by entering EPIC ID, UID, Mobile Number. This facility at present available for Chittoor district, for rest of the state will be available soon.

Mobile linking
Linking using mobile APP available in app stores of Android and ioS or can be download from the web sites of Chief Electoral Officer.

Linking by sending a SMS
Link by sending the Aadhaar number and Voter Card number SMS to 08790499899 in the following format.
SEEDEPIC [space] [EPIC No] [space] [Aadhaar No]
Example SEEDEPIC BYX1234557 1234 5678 9101
Linking through Call Center
By calling to the call center 1950 and furnishing the EPIC number and AADHAAR number to the call center operator.
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AP Transport, Seed Aadhaar with Vehicle Number and Driving License

Attach Motor Vehicle number or driving license with Aadhaar Number online...
AP State Government has make Aadhaar seeding mandatory for driving licenses and vehicle registration. All Vehicle owners are should link of Aadhaar number to their vehicle details and driving license. Government clears that, the main target of the exercise is to ensure safety and security of vehicles and their owners.

logoAadhaar seed process is not to deny benefits of welfare schemes to those who owning many vehicles. After Aadhaar seeding, vehicle owners will get alerts msg on their Aadhaar seeded mobile phones time to time on fitness of their vehicles, expiry of their driving license and other announcements by the AP Transport department.

As per sources, there were 72 lakh vehicles in AP with 41 lakh driving licenses. Up to now 18 lakh persons are seed their Aadhaar cards with Vehicle Number and Driving License.

The AP transport department has enumeration of vehicles to link the owners' information with Aadhaar number. After seeding AP Transport department are able to find out how many vehicles a person owns and whether he is paying the stipulated tax or not. Anyone owning a second vehicle would have to pay higher road tax.
AP Transport department is providing opportunity to Seed Aadhaar with Vehicle Number and Driving License through online also. If you want to enter Aadhaar Number with your Motor Vehicle record or driving license records enter online here.

Aadhaar Details Entry Link here
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SBI Clerical recruitment 2014 call letters/admit cards download

State Bank of India Clerical recruitment 2014 call letters/admit cards download begin…
State Bank of India has issued call letters/admit cards for recruitment of Clerical Cadre posts. Candidates can download SBI Clerical recruitment call letters online now. SBI Clerical recruitment online examination will hold in 2015, the dates provided in call letters.
Candidates can download their call letters from the below mentioned link:
call letters downloadCandidates have to enter Registration No & Date of Birth or password for downloading their call letters. More details about the SBI Clerk recruitment exam 2015 are available at 'acquaint yourself booklet', you can download along with the exam call letter.

SBI Clerical recruitment 2014 online test will consist of objective-type questions in
  • General Awareness,
  • General English,
  • Quantitative Aptitude,
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Marketing Aptitude/Computer Knowledge.
Each section will carry 40 marks for a total of 200 marks. The minimum qualifying marks will be declared after the examination. Negative marking is applicable. Successful candidates of written examination will be called for an interview.
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How to get New Ration Card in AP, Food Security cards in Telangana

New Food Security cards in place of Ration Cards in Telangana soon...
Ration Card is a document issued under an order or civil supplies authority of the State Government, as per the PDS, for the purchase of essential commodities from fair price shops. State Governments issue different types of Ration Cards to Above Poverty Line, Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya families.

A Ration Card is a important document for citizens. It helps save money by aiding in the purchase of essential commodities at a subsidized rate. It has also become an important tool of identification now a days to get welfare scheme benefits. You may need to produce a copy of your Ration Card as proof of identification when applying for other documents like Income Certificate, for inclusion in the Electoral Rolls, etc.

Families living below the poverty line are entitled to white Cards, under which they can avail special subsidies. In addition to permanent Ration Cards, States also issue temporary Ration Cards, which are valid for a specified number of months, and are issued for relief purposes.

What You Need to Do to get a new Ration Card
You may obtain the application form for making a new Consumer (Ration) Card from any Meeseva center. You will require passport-sized photographs of the head of your family attested by a gazetted officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor, the specified proof(s) of residence, and the Surrender/Deletion Certificate of the previous Ration Card, if there was any. The standard prescribed time schedule for the preparation of a Ration Card,  procedure and time limit may vary from State to State. There is also a provision for making corrections to valid Ration Cards.

How to get New Ration Card in AP
Normally new ration cards are issued to all eligible families after a Govt. notification. Ration cards are basically of two types:
  • White Cards (D Cards)
  • Pink Cards (ABC Cards)
White cards are issued to people with an income of less than Rs. 70000 and pink cards are issued to people with an income of more than Rs. 70000.

New cards are issued by the Tahsildar after obtaining sanction from the District Collector and conducting enquiry about the applicant. The Master Register (Key Register) contains details of the card holders that are assigned to a particular dealer. This register is maintained dealer-wise. This contains details about the cardholders such as Sl. No., Card No., cardholder's name, door no., occupation, annual income, no. of family members (no. of adults, no. of children and total).

Besides the issue of new cards, the Tahsildar issues ration cards to families who come on transfer to the Mandal, after verifying the surrendered certificates submitted by them. He also handles cases of a change of the ration shop due to a change of address of the cardholder and corresponding changes are carried out in the registers. Cancellation of ration cards and checking of FP shops in case of complaints against them are also looked after by the Tahsildar.

7 Things to remember in Blogspot SEO, Earn through Blogging

7 Things to remember in Blogger SEO...
Always remember that we do SEO only for single webpage based on single keyword. SEO can be done for multiple keywords also.

1.       Permalinks [10% weightage]: The domain name of the website or webpage should not contain any symbols like hyphen. The permalinks of the webpages should contain least number of slashes. Hyphens are preferred in permalinks.
Eg: www.tollywoodsongs.com is better than www.tollywood-songs.com
The webpage www.abc.com/tollywood-songs is preferred to www.xyz.com/tollywoodsongs/page1

online blog2.       Title tags [5%]: The length of title should be between 40 and 70 characters. Usually, the search engines check up to 65 characters of the title. Repeat the keyword that you are targeting in the title with good meaning.

3.       Meta description [8%]: Meta description is displayed under the title of the search results. Google displays about 160 characters in Meta description. Write the keyword that you are targeting as many times as possible without disturbing the meaning of sentences and grammar.

4.       Meta keywords tag [8%]: It should contain all the keywords that you are targeting in webpage. A keyword may contain up to 10 words.

5.       Header tags [8%]: Google considers only <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags though there are header tags up to <h6>. An article should contain only one <h1> tag and try to put as many <h2> and <h3> as possible. This increases the score of header tags. Search engine considers only the header tags to identify the content of the webpage.
One can compare reading a webpage with that of reading a newspaper. Heading, subtopic and leaf topics.

6.       Image alternative text [6%]: Image alternative text also plays a major role in image SEO. The image results in the Google image search are displayed based upon the keyword alternative text. Mention all the keywords in the image alternative text. Also see that no two images are provided with same image alternative text.

7.       Font Declaration tags [6%]: Bold, Italic and Underline features support the search engine to estimate the contents of a webpage. Try to highlight all the keywords using the three features. A max of 30% of the content can be highlighted. This is called keyword density. Every single keyword of the keyword is to be counted to calculate the keyword density.
Eg: Suppose that ‘latest Samsung mobiles under 10k’ is the keyword you are targeting. Then all the words ‘latest’, ‘samsung’, ‘mobiles’, ‘under’ and ‘10k’ are to be considered individually when calculating the keyword density.